Managing Assurance of your Sustainability / Integrated Report

The publication of sustainability (SR) or integrated reports (IR) has become commonplace among larger and smaller companies and many other organisations. Having the sustainability information in these reports assured by an external assurer is not yet as widely applied and is still developing. The King III Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa strongly recommends that such reports are assured.

Organisations may not feel as confident starting the road of assurance. ESS has developed a one-day course on how to prepare for and implement external assurance. Whilst other courses look at the process from an assurance provider perspective, this course takes the perspective of the organisation that wishes its SR/IR to be assured.

Aim and objectives of this course

The aim of this course is to assist organisations in the preparation for and implementation of the process of assurance of its SR/IR.

Specific objectives include:

  • Develop an understanding of the broader context of external assurance as well as the rationale for assurance;
  • Understand the basic concepts and principles underlying assurance;
  • Discuss the preparations an organisation should take for the assurance process;
  • Discuss the organisation’s responsibilities during and on completion of the assurance process;
  • Understand how assurance can be used to improve the organisation’s performance.

Target Audience

  • Organisations that want to start assurance of their SR/IR.
  • Organisations that have already had assurance on their SR/IR but want to enhance their capacity in managing the process.

Approach to the course

This course is highly interactive and includes:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Class and small group discussions
  • Studying examples of assurance statements

The AA1000AS standard on Assurance forms the backbone of the training material, supplemented by guidance on assurance in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines for Sustainability Reporting and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Assurance Guide.

Outline of the one-day course

  • Context of assurance of sustainability/integrated reports
  • Rationale for assuring your SR
  • Basis for assurance
  • Preparing for assurance
  • The assurance process
  • Improvements/changes year on year
  • SR/IR Review as an interim step towards assurance


Participants will receive a certificate on successful completion of the course.


Kindly contact us for more information about this training course.

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