ESS Profile

ESS is a pioneering company that covers the full spectrum of sustainability accounting solutions. The term sustainability includes social, economic and environmental sustainability, supported by good governance.

ESS is a consulting company that assists organisations in embedding sustainability into the overall business strategy thus reducing negative environmental, social and economic impacts and enhancing positive ones, whilst adding long-term value to the organisation.


ESS’s key values include:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Stewardship

ESS has a dynamic, pioneering and enthusiastic culture.

The ESS Approach

  • Integrating sustainability management and accounting in the core business of organisations
  • Supporting the cost-effective implementation of sustainability compliance and management by means of sustainability accounting
  • Rethinking processes fundamentally and transformationally towards a more sustainable society
  • Using the earth and its resources responsibly through a stewardship approach
  • Maximising positive impacts and minimising negative impacts on society

Training and Consulting Professionals