Material Flow Cost Accounting

Material flow cost accounting (MFCA) is a tool for quantifying the flows and stocks or materials in processes in production lines in both physical and monetary units. MFCA is a powerful method for identifying and quantifying ALL wastage and inefficiency in a production process.

MFCA can be applied on its own or, more powerfully, in combination with Environmental Management Accounting and Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production. MFCA can also be linked to carbon and water foot printing. It also provides information for sustainability and integrated reporting.

MFCA methodology is based on ISO 14051 Environmental management – Material flow cost accounting – General framework, which was promulgated in September 2011. Seakle Godschalk and Maryna Möhr represented South Africa as experts on the ISO work group that developed ISO 14051.

Services include:

  • MFCA assessments
  • Linking MFCA to accounting systems
  • Implementing MFCA systems
  • Developing customised MFCA models for specific sectors or industries
  • Linking MFCA with carbon and water foot printing
  • Linking MFCA with sustainability and integrated reporting
  • Training on MFCA

Training and Consulting Professionals