Environmental Compliance Audits

An environmental compliance audit constitutes a systematic, documented evaluation and verification process to determine how well an organisation manages its environmental performance and complies with legislation and license conditions.

Environmental performance assessments and/or audits are usually a condition included in a licence.  These assessments / audits must be performed periodically. ESS conducts audits and performance assessments against licences and approved EMPRs in order to determine the level of compliance and provide recommendations necessary to address any non-compliance issues.

ESS has experience as environmental control officers (ECO), which enables us to provide specialist environmental advice, guidance with regards to environmental best practices and assistance with the successful implementation of mitigation measures and complying with relevant legislation. ESS also provides on-site ECO assistance in order to aid clients with compliance towards environmental authorisations, permits and licences.

Services Include:

  • Landfill compliance audit
  • Water use license compliance (WUL) audit
  • Environmental management plan (EMP) compliance audit
  • Environmental control officer (ECO) services
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) Audit

Training and Consulting Professionals