Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production

The concept of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) was developed as a useful tool to support sustainable development and production processes.

The goal of RECP is three-fold:

  • To avoid and reduce the generation of waste and pollution (which frequently cuts costs, reduces risks and identifies new opportunities) as the first option;
  • To reuse and recycle waste as the second option; and
  • To treat and dispose of waste in a responsible manner as the last option after all other options were considered.

RECP focuses on identifying the root causes of inefficiency or wasteful production processes and generating solutions to address these issues by considering processes, equipment, employees, training, maintenance and procedures.

RECP can be applied on its own but more powerfully in combination with Environmental Management Accounting and Material Flow Cost Accounting.

Services include:

  • Plant RECP assessments and audits
  • Sector RECP surveys
  • Implementing RECP systems
  • Training on RECP

Training and Consulting Professionals